Terms and Conditions.


1. CONTRACT Your contract is with KUSHILAND EXPEDITIONS & TOURS SAFARIS Ltd (hereinafter called “KUSHILAND”, “we” or “us”). We draw your attention to the following terms and conditions, which cover all brochures and correspondence and all bookings made with us. Any contract with KUSHILAND is subject to these terms and conditions from which no person has the authority to depart. Before making a booking with us you must ensure that you have read and understood these booking conditions (raising any queries you may have with us). By asking us to confirm your booking you are liable to be regarded as having had the opportunity to do so and to have actually done so before the contract between us comes into existence.


offer package holiday and tailor-made holiday to suit your personal needs. A binding contract comes into existence between us when: (a) A deposit of 50% of the quoted price is received, (b) Final & full payment of the holiday is received when the booking is made less than 8 weeks before your departure date. (c) All payments must be free of Bank charges. No contract will exist between the parties until such payment have been received. We require full payment to be made for your holiday 8 weeks prior to the departure date. If final & full payment is not received 8 weeks prior to the departure date, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and apply the cancellation charges set out in paragraph 5. The lead booking name is liable for making full payment for all persons in the booking party and all those in the booking party agree to be bound by conditions (including anyone added or substituted at a later stage). It is the responsibility of the lead booking name responsible for making the booking to ensure all in their party are aware of and have read these terms and conditions. If you accept our quote in respect of your holiday you must make a payment of 60% of the total price of the quote within 7 days. A delay in acceptance of the quote may result in a variation in the holiday price. Where the proposed departure date is within 8 weeks of the quote being given we require final & full payment at the time of your written acceptance of the quote.


If you or any members of your party have any medical problem or disability which may affect your holiday, please inform us before you confirm your booking so that we can advise as to the suitability of the chosen arrangements. In any event, you must give us full details in writing at the time of booking. If we reasonably feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned, we must reserve the right to decline the booking or, if full details are not given at the time of booking, cancel when we become aware of these details.


Please carefully read your confirmation invoice, tickets, and all other documentation we send you as soon as you receive them. Contact us immediately if any information appears to be incorrect as it may not be possible to make changes later. We regret we cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of any inaccuracy in any documentation within 7 days of our sending it out. You will be responsible for any costs and expenses involved in rectifying any inaccuracies except where we made the mistake.


(A) AMENDMENT We will do our best to assist you in altering your arrangements after booking but cannot guarantee this will be possible. If alterations can be made you will be responsible for all extra charges and costs and we reserve the right to charge a US$ 50 administration fee per person plus any applicable charges levied by our suppliers. We also reserve the right to treat any amendment less than 8 weeks prior to departure as a cancellation and apply the cancellation charges set out below.

(B) CANCELLATION All cancellations must be made in writing by the person who made the booking and are effective on the day we receive it. As we incur substantial costs and losses on a cancellation, we will apply the following cancellation charges:- NUMBER OF DAYS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE CANCELLATION CHARGES AS A PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL HOLIDAY PRICE WHEN CANCELLATION NOTICE IS RECEIVED Up to 56 days Forfeit deposit less Bank charges 55-43 Days 50% fewer Bank Charges 42-31 Days 75% fewer Bank Charges 30 Days or less 100% The penalties are in addition to the non-refundable elements of the booking which have been contracted on your behalf and notified to you. If we are able to recover any of our losses from our suppliers, we will refund those to you subject to a reasonable administration fee. Agents or third-party organizations acting on our behalf are unable to amend or change the contract or the terms and conditions within it.


(A) AMENDMENTS It is occasionally necessary for us to make changes to advertised products and services and we reserve the right to make such changes. In exceptional circumstances, we may have to modify your holiday after booking. If the change is minor we will do our best to notify you in advance but are not obliged to do so and no compensation is payable. If the change is material (for example, a change of flight time by more than 12 hours, changes of destination, or to a lower standard of accommodation), we will notify you as soon as practically possible and offer you the choice of:- (i) Accepting the alternative arrangements or (ii) Arranging an alternative holiday with us or (iii) Cancelling your holiday. Whichever option you choose, we will pay you compensation unless the change has been caused by force majeure or low bookings as defined below. DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE COMPENSATION PER PERSON 43 Nil 42-29 $ 40 28-15 $ 50 14-0 $ 70


If we are unable to provide a significant proportion of your holiday whilst you are away, suitable alternative arrangements will be made for you at no extra cost or, alternatively, you will be returned to your point of departure and given a pro-rata refund for any part of the holiday not received. This does not apply to minor changes in your accommodation, itinerary, or transportation.

(C) CANCELLATION BY KUSHILAND. It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your holiday although we reserve the right to make changes at any time. Most of these changes are minor and we will advise you of these in writing at the earliest possible date. When a major change is necessary such as the alteration of your outward or return flights by more than 12 hours or a change in the standard of accommodation, provided it does not arise from conditions amounting to force majeure you will have the choice of accepting the new arrangements, taking another holiday with us or canceling your holiday and receiving a full refund of all monies paid. Compensation will not be payable and no liability beyond offering the above-mentioned choices can be accepted where we are forced to make a change or cancel as a result of unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all due care. No compensation will be payable and the above-mentioned options will not be available if we cancel as a result of your failure to comply with any requirement of these booking conditions entitling us to cancel, or if the change is a minor one. A minor change is a change which, taking into account the information you give us at the time of booking or which we can reasonably be expected to know as a tour operator; we would not reasonably expect to have a significant effect on your confirmed holiday. No compensation is payable to children aged 2 and under.

Please note we cannot accept any liability for any damage, loss, expense, or other sums of any description, which: (i) On the basis of the information given to us by you concerning your booking prior to our accepting it, we could not have foreseen you would suffer or incur if we breached our contract with you, or (ii) Did not result from any breach of contract or any other fault by ourselves or our employees, or where we are responsible for them our suppliers. Additionally, we cannot accept liability for any sums that relate to any business losses.

(D) FORCE MAJEURE.Compensation will not be payable in any cases where an amendment, change or cancellation is due to ‘force Majeure, being unusual or unforeseeable events or circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which neither we nor our suppliers could avoid. These include, but are not limited to, war, the threat of war, riot, civil disturbance or strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial disputes, technical or maintenance problems with transport, machinery, or equipment, power failure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, drought, adverse weather conditions, levels of water in rivers, acts of God, closure of airports, changes of schedules or operational decisions of transport providers, the breakout of an epidemic or pandemic disease, closure, all congestion of airports or ports, and all similar events outside our control. In the circumstances amounting to force majeure, we will not refund any money to you although if we can recover any monies from our suppliers we will refund these to you, and additionally, we will offer to carry forward your booking to another time or destination.


Compensation is not payable if a holiday or tour does not take place because a required minimum number of passengers to enable the holiday or tour to take place has not been reached and you were informed of that requirement at the time of booking.


The price of your itinerary will be based on known costs and exchange rates prevailing at the date of issue of the itinerary. At any time before full payment of your holiday has been made KUSHILAND reserves the right to levy a surcharge where costs or exchange rates have changed since the date of issue of the itinerary. KUSHILAND will absorb amounts up to 10% of the total holiday price and surcharge any amount greater than 10%. Should the surcharge exceed 10% of the total holiday price you may cancel the holiday and receive a full refund of all monies paid less Bank charges. We reserve the right to make changes to and correct errors in advertised prices at any time before your holiday is confirmed. We will advise you of any errors of which we are aware and of the then applicable price at the time of booking. Other matters influencing a surcharge would include, but are not limited to, increases in transportation costs e.g. fuel, scheduled airfares, and any other airline surcharges, taxes, or fees payable for services such as landing taxes, or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports or airports.

Our Prices of itineraries include • Transport and transfers as per Itinerary,

• Activities as per Itinerary.

• 3 meals on safari including mineral water 1 liter per day.

• National Park Conservation fees.

• Accommodation/Camping facility as per Itinerary.

• Environmental charges or community support surcharge as part of our social responsibility as the responsible tour operators.

Our Prices of itineraries exclude:

• Any transfer not mentioned above.

• Any Accommodation which is not included in the itinerary.

• Any international plane fare.

• Any drinks while in the lodge/s.

• Any Laundry while in the lodge.

• Any gratuities.

• Portage Fees.

• Any telephone calls while in the lodge.

• Any tips for drivers or staff?

• All extra activities offered by the lodges.

• Any service not mentioned above.


We take care to ensure that all involved in the preparation and supply of your holiday maintain the highest standards.

Please remember that the appropriate standards will be those prevalent in your destination, which may not be the same as developed international standards. a) We will pay reasonable compensation (subject to (c) below) if the product supplied to you is not of the standard described or contracted for by you. This compensation will be limited (except in the case of death or injury) to no more than twice the holiday price of the person affected.

b) Should failure in your holiday arrangements relating to you or any member of your party is killed, injured, or becoming ill during or as a result of, carriage by aircraft, ship, train, or coach as part of the holiday arrangements organized by us, our liability to pay compensation is limited in accordance with the liability of the carrier/service under any international convention which governs such services.

c) Our liability to you does not apply if you or any member of your group is at fault; if the failure is the fault of someone else not connected with providing the services which form part of our holiday contract with you; the failure is due to any unusual or unexpected circumstances beyond our control, which we could not have avoided even if we had used all care possible, or the failure is due to any event which we or the supplier of any service could not help, expect or prevent.

d) Any acceptance of liability is subject to you agreeing to assign to us your rights against any third party responsible for the events leading to your claim and to you affording us all necessary assistance in pursuing that claim.


If you have any complaint or problem whilst on holiday you must inform us, our representatives, or the supplier as soon as possible to give us the maximum opportunity to rectify it. Any unresolved complaints must be notified to us in writing within 30 days of your departure.


Carriage by air, road, and sea is subject to the terms and conditions of the carriers with whom you are traveling and to international conventions. KUSHILAND accepts no liability whatsoever for cancellations, strikes, timetable changes, diversions, technical issues unrelated to KUSHILAND, lost or mislaid luggage, or delays that result from any operational decision of the carrier concerned. KUSHILAND accepts no liability for death, injury, or illness that derives from carriage by air, road, or sea. In the unlikely event of a delay, arrangements for meals, overnight accommodation, etc, should be met by your airline. If you are joining a group and flight delays mean that additional transfers etc. are required to enable you to join the group, these costs must be met by you the client, and should later be re-claimed under your insurance policy if applicable.


You must ensure that your travel documents, passports, visas, and vaccination certificates are in order and that you ensure that you have taken the advice of your GP with regard to inoculations. KUSHILAND will offer general advice but cannot be held responsible if you do not comply with current requirements before your departure. KUSHILAND does not accept liability for any advice given of a general nature prior to the holiday commencing. You are responsible for a timely check-in for all flights and for presenting yourself to take up all pre-booked components of your holiday. No credit or refund will be given to you should you fail to take up any component of your holiday or if you lose any travel documents. You must read all documentation that is supplied to you and ensure that all information contained within is correct. Failure to do so may incur amendment charges which are your responsibility. KUSHILAND draws your attention to the fact that there are certain inherent risks involved in all of the holidays to Africa that we supply and these must be accepted by you at your own risk.


requires clients to purchase travel insurance. We can provide details of a suitable policy. You must purchase either this policy or a policy that offers at least comparable coverage under all sections. We reserve the right to cancel your holiday at any time should such a policy not be taken out by you. Copies must be given to the tour guide upon the initial meeting. The insurance must take into account the nature of the holiday and clients must specify to their insurance company if they intend to climb, trek, dive, etc. The policy should also have repatriation cover in the event of a serious accident. We reserve the right to cancel your holiday at any time should such a policy not be taken out by you.

13. THE LAW.

The above booking terms and conditions together with all correspondence form part of your contract with Kushiland. And the liability is governed by the laws of Tanzania and no other country. Any claim would be subject only to the Tanzanian Courts.


In the unlikely event of accommodation not being available on arrival at a hotel/campsite described and/or confirmed to the clients, KUSHILAND undertakes to provide alternative accommodation in a hotel/campsite of categories at least as high as those contracted, if available. Generally, we reserve rooms based on two persons sharing a double room. Single rooms are reserved at a supplementary cost. Children under 2 years are free and under 12 years have a 50% discount provided by sharing a room with 2 adults.

15. MEALS.

All pre-booked meals will be on a table d’hote basis. Supplements can apply to a la carte items or restaurants.


Whilst we will endeavor to comply with any special requests such as airline seating, diet, and room requirements, we can only do so on a ‘goodwill’ basis. As these are usually only provided at the discretion of the relevant supplier, we cannot guarantee availability and cannot be held responsible if they are not provided.


We are only responsible for excursions and activities sold by us and which form part of your holiday contract.


While in Safari, transport is provided in 4WD vehicles. KUSHILAND reserves the right to employ the service of sub-contractors.


We accept no responsibility for any loss or theft of any valuable ornaments or goods left in the lodge/hotel/camp.


The Company reserves the right without further notice to make use of any photography or film that was taken of you, minors traveling with you, or of any other aspects of your safari by the Outfitter or any other Suppliers for general purposes without payment to you and without your permission. If you make photographs of your own available to the Company, the Company reserves the right to make use of such photographs. By providing such photographs to the Company, you grant the Company a perpetual, fully paid, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to use such photographs in the Company’s Marketing Materials or otherwise.


In order for us to process your booking we need to store and record your information, including data as supplied. This may include the transfer of such information outside of the company to other parties involved in the arrangements of your holiday. Equally, we use such information for updating our mailing lists and from time to time you may receive travel-related information from us. Should you not wish to receive such literature you must advise us in writing.


It is now assumed that foreign citizens are at risk of terrorism, be it in their homeland or when traveling overseas. History has shown us these attacks can either be spontaneous or premeditated. For your guidance, we suggest you visit the website of your Foreign Office. These websites are regularly updated and provide you with country-specific information, including advice on terrorism and general matters on health and safety.


Kushiland Expeditions & Tour Safaris Ltd is registered office at

PO. Box 1377,

Moshi – Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Registered No: 44874

Kushiland Expeditions & Tour Safaris Ltd is based at  Taifa Road,
25227, Kirua Vunjo South, 053 Kawawa – Yamu Street, Yamu Makaa Village – Kawawa Rd. Area,

GPS: -3.382642, 37.438191

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