Kilimanjaro Trekking

Machame Route.

Machame Route.

The Machame route is another way to the roof of Africa. This route is starting a bit lower attitude as compared to the Lemosho route. Like the later route Machame route offers better acclimatization with a higher summit success rate too.This route is known as Whiskey route because it is the easiest route,with over 35% of all Kilimanjaro mountain climbers using this trail.

Each day of your trekking your experience quite a distinct ecosystem form tropical rainforest ,Alpine meadows,moorland ,Desert to the snow and Ice at the peak

Kilimanjaro National Park is covering an area of some 75,575 ha protects the largest free standing volcanic mass in the world and the highest mountain in Africa, rising 4877m above surrounding plains to 5895m at its peak.

With its snow-capped peak, the Kilimanjaro is a superlative natural phenomenon, standing in isolation above the surrounding plains overlooking the savannah.

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the largest volcanoes in the world.

It has three main volcanic peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. With its snow-capped peak and glaciers, it is the highest mountain in Africa.

The mountain has five main vegetation zones from the lowest to the highest point: Lower slopes, montane forest, heath and moorland, alpine desert and summit. The whole mountain including the montane forest belt is very rich in species, in particular mammals, many of them endangered species.

 For this combination of features but mostly its height, its physical form and snow cap and its isolation above the surrounding plains, Mount Kilimanjaro is considered an outstanding example of a superlative natural phenomenon.

Kushiland Expeditions & Tour Safaris Ltd is right at the base of this mountain, which gives us both comparative and competitive advantages of serving our clients better while on the mountain especially when it comes to unfortunate event of emergency.

We have a competent team which is knowledgeable and well experienced to help making your dream to stand on top of Mount Kilimanjaro a reality.


Machame Route.


Day 1: Machame Gt – Machame Hut
Day 2: Machame Hut – Shira Camp
Day 3 Shira Camp – Baranco
Day 4: Baranco Camp – Barafu Camp
Day 5: Barafu – Summit – Mweka Camp
Day 6: Mweka Camp – Mweka Gate

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Day 1: Machame Gt – Machame Hut
Day 2: Machame Hut – Shira Camp
Day 3 Shira Camp – Baranco
Day 4: Baranco Camp – Karanga Camp
Day 5: Karanga Camp – Barafu Camp
Day 6: Barafu – Summit – Mweka Camp
Day 7: Mweka Camp – Mweka Gate

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