Community Support

Community Support

The role of Kushiland to the community that we are living and serving is the paramount to vision of creating an ideal society which we could be talking much more the same language as developing community.

As the part of our concern to the community, we have supported and we’ll continue to support various community development programs through Participation and Empowerment where the provision of help and support is guaranteed.
We extend are Heartfelt thanks to those who have been our development partners in achieving our role.
Of the projects that Kushiland supports and will continue be working supporting partner are:

• Uparo Village Ecumenical Group (Codel) – A food and malnutrition program aims at reducing the burden of Women hoeing and time spend on farming through provision of tractor farming service at free for those who cannot afford and at cost for those who can at least foot the cost. Thanks to Friends in USA and Ireland who made this possible. With our supporting partners, Kushiland pays the subsidized amount to make the project running.

• Tumaini Letu Women Group – The group is engaging and promoting women handcrafts to support their lives. The group works on tie and die, sewing garments, and same time acts as an informal counselling when the women share their social frustrations within themselves. This group found its start up capital from our client Rosalind Duke of Ireland. They have recently received a new sewing machine from Dr. Shannon and Joan Green of Global Explorer when they met our CEO at WTM 2012 in London.

• Children of Mount Zion – The group runs Environmental and Youth Sustainable Development projects in Moshi. The project aimed in repatriating a massive youth population in urban where they are not engaged in productive to settle in Shamba or “farm” where they will be engaged in food production. The group involves Sons and Daughters of Jah Rastafari.

• A formal and non-formal education program to help and support those who are less fortunate in life in access to better source of education – books. “Books For Help” is the non-formal initiative which works through charitable and voluntarily call for those who are willing to give a heart of support and help. The program has been handled to Co-operative College Student Organization to carry it as part of their social concern. From this same concept, our CEO has establish a social media group of Facebook called The Reading Circle which helps its online members to help each other in recommending useful books, eBooks, podcasts, webiminars, seminars, and internet links.

Yam Makaa Village – For two decades from 2002  our company has being supporting different projects in different villages on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru which in turn has not made significant desired impact. In leading the efforts in combating the climate change effect to Yam Makaa Village, for three consecutive years, Kushiland will support Yam Makaa Village in planting 10,000 indigenous trees of different species with a noble call MY VILLAGE!.

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