Welcome Note  

Dear Visitor!

Our hearts, minds and hands are so open to welcomes you to land of wide savannah, snow-capped mountains, magnificent wildlife and ancient culture, Tanzania.

Kushiland Expeditions & Tour Safaris Ltd, is the responsible tour operator company which is based at the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in small town of Moshi, Tanzania.

Our company was established in 2002 with a sense of our community in mind, and since then we have been leading our tours and expeditions responsibly with our local communities in mind, of which in Nov. 2012 we marked our First Decade of Responsible Tourism and Transforming People’s Lives!

Safety and security of our visitors have always being our top most priority. Our drivers, guides and porters are well equipped with the safety and security measures, risks management, first aid, rescue and medical evacuation whenever needed.

It is my great hope that, you’ll spend some time exploring on our products and services and you’ll grant us an opportunity to you host while in Tanzania and we’ll make you a holiday of your lifetime experiences and memories.

Welcome to Tanzania, Welcome to Kushiland Expeditions & Tour Safaris Ltd

Chrispin Joseph Beer-Sheba
Founder & CEO