Usambara Cultural Tourism Programme

In the North Eastern part of Tanzania between Mount Kilimanjaro and the Indian Ocean, there lies the steeply rising mountains, the Usambara Mountains. The Usambara Mountains are green and fertile. On these mountains you can experience all facets of Afrikan rural life and enjoy the marvellous view of the area.

Numerous historical buildings from the past are the evidence that Germans and English were favoured with mountains because of its pleasant climate during the colonial era.

From over distance seen, the mountains are just colourful mosaics but also their seen is so romantic. During the sunset, the are turns into a tremendous pallet of unforgettable colours.

Touring on these colourful and romantic mountains will lead you:

• to the visit of superb viewpoints on the edge of the mountains;

• a visit to various development projects in the area from soil conservation, traditional irrigation, cross breeding, afforestation, heath care–an ideal tour for the development lovers to see development in process;

• a climb to Kwa Mongo, the mountain home to vast number of butterflies;

• walk through the dense natural forests and along small rivers that race downhill;

• a view into the history and daily life of the Sambaa farmers who are habitants of the mountain; and

• a visit to a traditional pottery village.

Touring on these lovely mountains can range from a day walking tour to several days walking tour which can go up to five days.