Northern Pare Cultural Tourism Programme

Almost in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, fifty - (50) kilometres south-east of Moshi, is where Northern Pare Mountains are. The mountains are among the most fertile in the East Afrika, and villagers do their utmost to use every square of cultivatable land.

High on the mountains protected natural forest and moorlands are often sites for traditional clan-forest in the Pare culture. In these forests, ceremonies take place and witchdoctors perform their magic.

From the mountain tops, wide views over the surrounding plains unfold, showing the extensive Kisangara sisal estate, the long drown-out lakes of Jipe and Nyumba ya Mungu (“House of God”) and on the horizon the Taita and Kiteto hills. Mount Kilimanjaro is a stone's thrown from the area and at many places the impressive mountain can be seen.

While enjoying the tropical vegetation on the sloping mountains, you can:

• Have a walk Kindoroko Forest reserves, a natural forest on the top of mountain.

• Climb to different mountain peaks, from where you will have excellent views of Kilimanjaro, Lake Jipe and Nyumba ya Mungu.

• Visit to historical relics from the time of tribal war and colonial rule.

• A view into the Pare culture (old stories and traditional dances).

• Visit various development projects in the villages.

Touring on the Northern Pare Mountains can range from a day to two days.