Ng'eresi Cultural Tourism Programme

Seven kilometres (7 kms) out of Arusha town, on the green and steep slopes of Mount Meru, there a village whose habitants are farmers from the Wa-arusha tribe. The Wa-arusha tribe forms a part of the Maasai group who has gradually shifted from the pastoralism to agriculture.

Some Wa-arusha still lives in the traditional bomas, some in stone houses, some still depend on their cows and some cultivate large plot. The village shows the transition from the traditional into modern Afrikan life.

At Ng'eresi villagers will offer you:

• A guide tour of some farms on the green and steep slopes of Mount Meru.

• For development lovers, a visit to a number of developments projects in the village (soil conservation, irrigation, cross breeding, biogas, and fish nursery).

• A climb to Kivesi Hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on top will give you a beautiful view over the surrounding area.

• The old stories and traditional houses will give you a view of Wa-arusha culture with their ins and outs.

• During the meal time, apart from meals that you have been used to from your hotel prepared by men's creativity, here you can have a meal prepared with Afrikan love from Juhudi women's group.

Touring on this Wa-arusha village can range from a day walking tour to one and half day walking tour.