Mulala Cultural Tourism Programme

Mulala village lies 30 kilometres from Arusha town on the southern slopes of the Mount Meru. Mount Meru offers a bit magic for the tourist that is looking for a memorable excursion on a majestic peak.

The women in Mulala have united themselves in the form of the Agape women's group. Through this group they try to support economic activities of the members and start new income generate projects.

It is only cultural tourism programme in Tanzania completely launched, developed, and implemented by women.

For years where women have been seen as object of development, things have changed and now women are seen as subject to development. They have developed various tours to show you the most interesting and fascinating places in and around Mulala. Nestled on the slopes of Mt. Meru beneath a canopy of banana trees surrounded by spectacular scenery, where this picturesque village lies, the women of Mulala will take you to:

• A tour of Mama Anna's quaint cheese making place which provides area hotels with these delicious products.

• A garden structure in which you may relax with a beverage, enjoy the views and sample foods unique to their village.

• Guided tours criss-crossing coffee and banana farms to the top of Lemeka Hill for a bird's eye view of the valleys.

• A glimpse of their daily life and information on the surrounding vegetation and crops.

• Walks to the Marisha River banks, home of the colourful birds and playful monkeys.