Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Programme

Mto Wa Mbu is situated on the road between Arusha and the National Parks in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania, at the foot of the Rift Valley. Mto Wa Mbu is the entry point to Lake Manyara National Park; well-known tree climbing lions and birds.

Its rapid population growth turned Mto Wa Mbu into a melting pot of culture. Nowhere else in Tanzania have so many different tribes gathered in a small area. Many people here still live in the traditional ways.

The various traditional modes of production stand as an example of this cultural diversity.

At the green Oasis of Mto Wa Mbu, where you can see a mixture of different Tanzanian cultures, while enjoying the tropical vegetation at the foot of the Rift Valley you can:

• Have a walk the farms in the green oasis at the foot of the Rift Valley.

• Climb Balaa Hill from where you can overlook the whole town.

• View into the culture to the different tribes living in the area.

• Have a trip to Miwaleni Lake and waterfall, where papyrus plants grows abundantly.

• Visits to development project whose aim is to improve agriculture and start income generating activities for the farmers.

• A thorough explanation of the irrigation system that keeps their farms green.