Mount Meru

Mountain Meru is located in Northern circuit of Tanzania tourist zone about 23 kilometers outside the Arusha city. Meru is the second highest Mountain in the country after the Kilimanjaro standing at the 4566 m above sea level.

Unlike Kilimanjaro the mountain is having only one route up which takes 3 days-round trip. With the assistance of our qualified and experience guides, you will fulfill your dream of standing 5th highest peak of African continent.

It has a wide variety of beautiful landscapes; plains, forest and moorland, and lava. At the summit you can enjoy the impressive view of horseshoe shapes crater and unsurpassed vistas over the country to the Ngorongoro plateau and the vast Maasai steppe.

Kushiland being on the neighboring town of Moshi, we still stand a better chance to serve you better on trekking this most challenging mountain to mountain climbing enthusiast. While trekking Meru hikers passes the Arusha National Park which also accommodate the mountain.

Normally this safari is conducted by full armed National Park rangers escorting tourists top the mountain while viewing the game. During the climb tourist enjoys the sighting of wild animals at the close range and bird as well.

They include mongoose, elephants, baboons, velvet, white and red colobus monkeys, giraffes, zebras, reedbucks, warthogs, dik-diks, hyenas and buffaloes.