Mount Oldoinyo Lengai

Ol'doinyo Lengai stands at 2,878 meters above the Soda Ash Lake Natron making the only active volcano in the world that erupt natrocarbonatite lava. Its summit remains gently active and molten ash is visible from its peak. The Mountain is located in Ngorongoro highlands northwest of Arusha city. Mountain Ol'doinyo Lengai derives its name from the “Maa” language (Maasai) means The Holy “Mountain of God”.

The Mountain frequently does minor eruptions and form cone like structures to its crater base. The cone blocks have been named by geologist and naturalist who have visited Lengai for their geological studies all over around the world. While on the summit of Mountain Ol'doinyo Lengai one can sight clearly the Soda Lake Natron which accommodates and consist of good nesting sites for different bird species especially the Flamingos, pelicans and geese more than 350 different types are recorded to date.

Ol'doinyo Lengai makes a thrilling overnight trekking on its pyramid-shaped. Tour to the nearby Lake Natron and the Bushmen and Maasai land can be arrange.