Historical Sites

Tanzania has a lot of the historical sites for the History of Afrika to be learned from. These Historical sites have made it possible for today's generation to tress the Afrikan History. There is much to learn from these sites. There are experts in these sites who will give the relevant information at the site. More-ever our Guides will brief you the additional information where there site expert might have skip.

Oldupai Gorge: The Gorge is found in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where human have been part of the Ngorongoro's landscape for millions of the years. The findings of Dr. Louis Leakey has scientifically proves that, the earliest man has lived there. The hominid footprints preserved in the volcanic rock dated way back to 3,600,000 years old. Useful information and education can be obtained from the Gorge Museum and on site interpretations. Do not miss a chance of knowing this!.

Amboni Caves: The Amboni caves are unique, natural caves ever existing under the sun, they have natural beauty, sharp horns, its rocks are glittering like the morning raising sun, and its side walls are glittering like midnight moon.

These caves are located in the north of Tanga Municipality. Visiting these caves you will be amazed with the tales of its supernatural power formation and those of the scientific formation.

Bagamoyo Town: Together with Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Mafia and Kilwa they are know as the Swahili Coast. The name originate from the Swahili word “Bwaga Moyo” which mean “Rest Your Soul” for slaves from the long journey from the main land before they are taken to the Slaves market in Zanzibar and later some taken away to Babylon.

It's an ancient slave port, the memory of Slavery, gold and ivory trade can be found here. At Kaole Ruins, the one thousand-year-old can be read in and the ruins of the ancient city. After your Long Safari, why not being here to Rest Your Soul and Relax Your Mind?.

Zanzibar was the ancient trading port of the Sultan of Oman in the 19 th century. It's the most Historical place in the East Africa. The Island is decorated with the ancient coral stone buildings with carved doors and balconies.

Kilwa: It comprises with the Kilwa Kivinje, Kilwa Masoko and Kipatimo. It was the most ancient developed city in the Eastern Coast. One thousands year old history can be read from its ruins. It's a place with the mixture of Arab and Swahili culture.